Personnel Administration Management

Personnel Administration helps you to automate the business processes that support the personnel lifecycle, such as transfers, promotions, and terminations. It also helps you automate position and assignment management and tracking of employee/personnel training and development initiatives.

Personal administration involves administrating employee data, commonly referred to Master Data. Master Data in HRBravo contains all employee data used in HR processing. Master Data includes Personal (Eg. address), Organizational (Position description), Benefits (Insurance, Pension), Time & Payroll.

Personnel administration defines the companies information (general, company structure, locations), job titles, pay grades, employment statuses, job categories), qualification information (Education, Licenses), skills (languages), users, configure and subscribe for E-mail Notifications.

HR Manager is an authorized person to collect and stores these information and presented to top management whenever required. Finally he prepares reports from the existing information like master data reports, daily reports, monthly reports and payroll reports.