HR and Payroll


" Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom.”
                                 -Thomas Jefferson

The environment within which an organization operates is dynamic. An organization must adapt new strategies to remain competitive and Human Resource Management is one of the key areas for ensuring overall success of the organization. Therefore a Human Resource Management Information System is an essential tool for your organization to manage its challenges in the competitive business environment.

The goal of HRBravo is to provide a complete integrated Enterprise Resource Planning package to attain organizational objectives effectively in less span of time. Nowadays, lot of processes and transactions are involved in doing a business. In order to get the clear picture in a business management system, HRBravo delivers transparency and accountability, resource management, HR Asset management, competency mapping, human capital development, employee relations, tracking the companies performance levels, identifies the bottlenecks and problems which help to take good decision.

HRBravo ERP supports and integrates the functions with other domains like finance and accounting, project management, sales and marketing etc.In present scenario, every organization needs an ERP models. Particularly, for small and medium enterprises ERP is essential to increase operational efficiencies, increase labour and capital productivity, reduced fixed and variable costs and integration with distributors. Other benefits are

  • To analyze the strengths and weaknesses in a business.
  • Highest predictability of a problem
  • Clarity
  • Accurate manipulation of data.
  • Cost effective
  • Good knowledge transfer
  • Makes business easy
  • Control the deferred expenses and make profits.