Educational Institutions

"It is the quality of our work which will please God and not the quantity."
Mahatma Gandhi

The goal of Edubravo is to bring a world class quality learning environment for schools, colleges and universities.

Forget the days of disconnected mess of legacy applications for your college administration. We know forward-thinking administrators need a comprehensive integrated solution to replace your aging home grown IT solutions. College administrators will love the idea of having an IT management solution which will take care of financial and student administration system that would unite offices, departments, students and parents. A solution that will take care right from student enquiry for admission, registration, faculty salary, course loads right down to alerts to parents on tuition fee and all this being available in real-time, with increased efficiencies and reduced costs.

It is no surprise to know we are not alone in providing ERP solutions for educational institutions. Before going into the features and benefits that makes us unique, there are some of the points you will have to take into consideration for choosing the right ERP solution for your institution

  • Make sure you analyze and define business processes first; then choose the system that will work best for your organization.
  • Don't forget about training; if people don't know how to use the system, they won't.
  • Test the system for traffic loads that represent your actual traffic, especially during peak times.
  • Don't buy all of your ERP systems from one vendor: A best-of-breed approach can work better because not all of one vendor's modules may best fit your needs.
  • Don't go live with an implementation or upgrade at a crucial time of year (higher education: avoid the weeks before classes start; retail: avoid the weeks before major holidays).
  • Make as few modifications to the source codes possible.
  • Keep an eye on scope creep. It's much worse on campus than in the Fortune 500.
  • Before you sign a contract with an integrator, have the integrator conduct trials with the software on your systems to see if they will mesh. It costs a bit more, but it's worth it.
  • Use certified project managers on your staff to run the implementation—not just the person in the room who starts taking notes at the first meeting.
  • ERP needs constant human interaction to keep it up and running. Ninety-five percent of getting ERP right is social and political skills; 5 percent is the actual technology.