Functionality Overview

Openbravo ERP has been designed with broad business functionality to help businesses improve overall performance. It is based on a single, integrated database model covering all key application areas of a complete business management system, including seamless integration to Business Intelligence (BI) and Point of Sale (POS).

Cross-application Functionality

Usability, security, ease of integration

Openbravo ERP's comprehensive business functionality is implemented on top of the robust Openbravo ERP Platform, which provides an equally strong set of cross-application functionality. The core functionality provided by the platform ensures a consistent and productive end user experience, while also meeting key IT needs in the areas of security and integration:

  • Configurable main menu.
  • Configurable language for each user.
  • Programmable alarms by specific user role or user.
  • Keyboard navigation for faster operation.
  • Skinable user interface.
  • Possibility to attach documents, images or files to any register in the application.
  • Navigable network of information (history, related documents, etc.)
  • Configurable filters and flexible record sorting.
  • Embedded selectors in the forms for the most used entities (products, business partners, accounts, projects, orders, invoices...).
  • Configurable batch processes of tasks that can be scheduled on specific times.
  • Access levels defined per user based on roles.
  • Auditing for each transaction.
  • Support for secure connection over https.
  • upport for CAS based single sign on.
  • Simple integration with other applications through REST web services, easily supporting SOA strategies.
  • Pre-integrated with Openbravo POS and Pentaho BI suite.