Benefit Management

The Benefits Management System automates the tracking of each employee's benefit entitlement, claims and expenses against limits. Benefits Management provides for co-payment schemes for sharing of medical expenses between employee and employer. Co-payment incentives are available to reward employees for non-claims or surplus credit payout at the end of the year. Payout of claims to employees is integrated to the HR Payroll System for crediting into the employee's payroll.

The other important benefits are:

  • Toolset for strategic remuneration planning.
  • Empowers managers to offer competitive and motivating remuneration
    • Fixed pay
    • Variable pay
  • Merit increases
  • Promotion
  • Includes Personnel Cost Planning
  • Allows experimenting with future projected costs
  • In the interim, any benefit change requests will continue to be done via hr/forms
    • Declaration for Change Form
    • Leave of Absence Form
    • (Example )Premiums will be withheld each pay date:
      • 26 pay periods for employees being paid year round;
      • Less pay dates for employees on 8-, 9-, or 10-month pay schedules;
  • Dependent information and beneficiary information is viewable online.
  • Dependent info and beneficiary information is updatable in Open Enrollment, next opportunity will be January.