Employee self service Management

Employee Self Service (ESS) is a web based application that provides employees with access to their personal records and their payroll details. The most common features of ESS allows employees to change their own address, contact details. ESS is the ability for employees to apply for leave and have that application directed to the employee’s manager for consideration. Some applications enable employees to change their bank account details and provide details of pay slips, both current and historical. ESS can operate as a feature on an employer’s intranet or via a web ASP service.

ESS is shifted the focus from these purely efficiency based applications towards empowering employees and managers to take more responsibility for their jobs and development. Career planning, skills profiles, learning, objective settings, appraisals and more and more analytics are increasingly popular ESS applications. This development is driven by improved technology, a better understanding of Human Resources Management with a more hands off role of the HR department.

ESS is increasingly popular in the service sector where there is a high proportion of the workforce with computer and internet access. The principal advantage for employers providing ESS is that it is a more efficient means of collecting changes to employee’s details and distributing payroll related details to employees. This is particularly true for organizations dispersed over a number of physical locations.