Production Management

he production functions and plant management in Openbravo ERP allow a complete shaping of the productive structure of each organization (sections, cost centers and work centers) as well as the relevant data for production: production plans (operation sequences), and products used to make one another. Currently, the functionality provided by Openbravo ERP is orientated towards covering the usual necessities of a discrete production environment: production planning and requests related to procurement using MRP, creation of manufacturing orders, job reports (notification of times and consumption), calculating costs of production, notification of job incidents and maintenance reports.

  • Plant structures.
  • HFG's (Homogeneous Functional Groups) or Cost Centers.
  • Work centers and machines.
  • Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) keeping in mind client requests, existing clients, stock levels, and minimum order quantities.
  • Production plans, with multiple arriving products and multiple departing products.
  • Production orders.
  • Sequence creation and products for each order phase.
  • Confirmations with data relating to the production plan and pre-filled sequence.
  • Work incidences.
  • Types of equipment and management of each piece of equipment.
  • Preventive maintenance and maintenance types.