Project Management

Drive project profitability

Projects, phases, tasks, resources, budget, expenses and expense invoicing, related purchases, etc.

This functionality is orientated towards companies whose activities are based on the delivery of projects and services. With relationship to projects, Openbravo ERP allows for the management of budgets, phases, tasks, expenses and purchases related with each individual project. These projects may be related to monitoring construction projects or even sending out and sales and purchase related requests. The service component permits companies to define services and resources and control all activities. These activities may or may not be billable, for internal or external customers, and be monitored for incurred expenses at a detailed level.

  • Project types, phases and tasks.
  • Expenses associated with a project.
  • Historical salary categories associated to project costs.
  • Made-to-order projects and generation of sales orders from templates.
  • Construction projects. Invoice to origin (by project).
  • Rates by project.
  • Budget report. Tracking of actions regarding budget estimates.
  • Generation of purchase orders.
  • Project reports.
  • Resources.
  • Register of services.
  • Internal expenses.
  • Invoicing of services.
  • Levels of service.
  • Activities report.