Sales and Customer Relationship

Prices, rates, varying quantity sales orders, shipments, invoicing, volume discounts, commissions, CRM, etc.

The functionality of Openbravo ERP in the Sales Management module is expressly designed with the objective of allowing maximum flexibility and adaptability in its execution, needed in any commercial process. It is possible to link documents (orders, shipments, invoices) in any order that the company requires or even disregard any one of these that is not necessary. All this is achieved without sacrificing the coherence and integrity of information and guaranteeing the tracking of processes. The capacities of integration with order capture systems by PDAs extend the potential of the solution beyond the physical limits of the particular company.

For multi-store retailers, the system can be seamlessly integrated with Openbravo POS.

  • Sales areas.
  • Sales orders. Direct sales. Pre-sales. Telesales. Rate applications: prices, discounts and price limit controls. Reserves of goods in warehouse for unprocessed orders. Notification of customer risks. Correction of orders.
  • Types of order documents: estimations (with and without reserves of goods), standards, warehouses (automatic delivery note generation), Points of sale (automatic generation of delivery note and invoice).
  • Delivery note. Automatic creation from pending order lines. Automation of the outgoing orders (according to stocks, with rules of priority by expiry, location, etc). Cancellation of delivery notes.
  • Automatic generation of delivery notes.
  • Invoicing process. For all types of invoicing: immediate, delivered goods, order completely delivered. Periodically, (weekly, fortnightly, monthly).
  • Invoice registration. Rate applications: prices, discounts and price limit controls. Automatic creation from order lines or delivery note lines of delivery notes pending of being invoiced. Notification of customer risks. Invoice cancellation (leaving associated documents pending invoice).
  • Massive printing of documents (orders, delivery notes, invoices), with individual selection criteria for the user.
  • Possibility of the creation of documents in any order and to disregard documents not required (Order-Delivery note-Invoice; Order-Invoice-Delivery note; Delivery note-Invoice; Invoice).
  • Commissions.
  • Reports of orders, sales order supplied, delivery notes, invoices, orders not invoiced, details of invoicing.
  • Integrated with order capture systems by (palm and pocket PC).
  • Standardized customer information (360° vision).
  • Management of requests. Integration with E-mail.
  • Integrated with Openbravo POS
  • Centralized management of price lists.
  • Synchronization of daily in-store sales.