Performance Management

Performance management system allows business and HR managers to enhance people productivity, career and succession planning, performance appraisal, job enrichment significantly. It aligns the workforce with business objectives, creating a goal driven organization that is responsive to business opportunities.

  • Employees can identify and set goals aligned to corporate objectives, in collaboration with managers.
  • Goal status and modifications required by dynamic business needs can be reviewed periodically.
  • Employees can update accomplishments against milestones periodically, to help managers track progress.
  • Self-assessments to help inculcate a performance culture proactively. This is facilitated through 180 degree appraisal system that helps to ensure an objective review as well as identify development needs for the employee.
  • Ensure the organizational performance and individual performance is aligned through the normalization process.
  • 360 degrees feedback system that helps to identify leadership potential by means of collecting feedback from various angles.