QuickStart Edition

Simple Start, Fast Returns

Openbravo ERP's QuickStart Edition provides small businesses a standard, entry-level best-practices ERP implementation that can be implemented quickly, and then easily adapted and extended going forward. It is based on Openbravo's Core ERP Platform, which provides a modern web-based ERP system that is cost-effective to acquire, operate, adapt, and upgrade. The QuickStart Edition features a Cloud Appliance Stack option to support fast and scalable deployment, with pay-as-you-go subscription pricing.


Is QuickStart right for you?

Small business owners approach Openbravo to address a number of common problems.

End users frustrated by inflexible legacy client-server systems?

Openbravo's clean and consistent browser-based user interface is easy and efficient for end users to learn and use, even for those who do not use it every day. OS-independent browser support enables full-function use to support modern, flexible usage scenarios like work-from-home, remote contractors, customer access to information, etc.

Do you have needs that are not accommodated by standard ERP functionality?

Openbravo's active open source and commercial communities are constantly adding new modules, localization packs, and industry templates to the online Central Repository. This integrated global distribution mechanism provides direct access to Openbravo or 3rd-party "native Openbravo" packages, which install into your Openbravo instance supplementing it with new functionalities.

Worried that the complexity of traditional ERP will overwhelm your staff?

Start quickly and easily with a standard, best-practices ERP implementation, and then incrementally grow the solution over time. Tight integration of the implementation methodology and platform keep you in control, and ensure ongoing alignment of effort and results for maximum business impact. Configuration decisions may be changed at any time, eliminating lengthy planning horizons and the risk of going live with an obsolete system.

Struggling with first-time buying compromises?

If you are looking for your first integrated business management system, you are faced with a confusing array of compromises around license cost, services cost, functionality, technology and expandability. Openbravo takes a simple, "no-compromises" approach, easing you into a successful, cost-effective initial implementation with minimal up-front investment - on top of a modern ERP Platform that ensures easy expandability and long-term adaptability.

Are you a small business looking to achieve quick business results with a modern, web-based business management system that will grow with you? Contact us anow to determine if QuickStart is right for you.