Enterprise Edition

Openbravo ERP's Enterprise Edition provides large enterprises a modern web-based ERP Platform, coupled with a comprehensive set of standard functional modules. The platform features a model-driven, declarative architecture that enables codeless development of new functionality, as well as a robust data access layer and standard set of industry-standard web services for easy interoperability. The core business functionality is configurable and fully integrated, based on a single unified data model.

This potent combination provides a highly productive and sustainable application development and deployment environment, allowing you to cost-effectively meet your most challenging business process standardization and customization requirements.


Is Enterprise Edition right for you?

CIOs approach Openbravo to address a number of complex problems in a cost-effective and sustainable manner.

Do you feel trapped by your ERP technology or vendor?

Openbravo’s web-based ERP is built on well-recognized open standards, providing browser-based freedom to end users and flexibility and transparency to IT staff--with online access to source code and documentation. Our commitment to open standards and transparency minimizes long-term risk, and fosters a global ecosystem of suppliers ready to meet your needs - and keep you in full control of your mission-critical business applications.

Do you have needs that are not accommodated by standard ERP functionality?

Openbravo's active open source and commercial communities are constantly adding new modules, localization packs, and industry templates to the online Central Repository. This integrated global distribution mechanism provides direct access to Openbravo or 3rd-party "native Openbravo" packages, which install into your Openbravo instance, supplementing it with new functionalities.

Customizations preventing you from upgrading?

Openbravo's modularity layer and stable public APIs provide a best-in-class approach to preserving customizations across ERP updates and upgrades. Now you can have the specific business functionality you need, without getting stranded on an outdated ERP release due to the high cost of upgrading customizations.

Do you plan to grow your number of users, offices, countries, or organizations, or to share data with business partners?

Robust Java-based architecture is highly scalable and fully leverages modern 64-bit multi-core commodity hardware, both onsite and in the cloud. Global-ready and organizationally flexible, Openbravo provides single-instance support for multiple tenants, organizations, languages, etc. Role-based access control system makes it easy to provide secure browser access to required information and functionality--even to your customers and suppliers!

Tired of “black box” production systems that prevent basic maintenance?

Layered, open architecture provides clean separation of database, business logic, and UI. The Eclipse open source IDE provides a well-known, world-class tool for debugging and development. Openbravo’s "build from source" approach provides confidence that production binaries are always in sync with the corresponding source code. Keep control of your production environment with sound software engineering and an open philosophy.

Lean IT staff spending too much time with out-dated systems?

Openbravo can be deployed on the cloud or onsite, with a range of options to provide an optimal installation for every need. All options are "zero footprint" on the client, and provide powerful, browser access to your users wherever they may be. OS-independent browser support enables full-function use by mobile-friendly and affordable net-book devices.

Tired of high upfront software costs, complex pricing spreadsheets, and irritating negotiations?

Openbravo's simple subscription pricing, based on concurrent users, minimizes up-front costs and price haggling, simplifies ongoing administration, and ensures alignment between you and Openbravo. Standard loyalty discounts reward long-term commitment, acknowledging that self-sufficiency reduces vendor support.

Are you a large enterprise CIO tired of "business as usual" with traditional ERP Vendors? Are you past that "tipping point", where it's not just about the money any more? Contact us now to work with a vendor whose interests are aligned with yours.