Interactive Games

Interactive Games (General iPhone Game Development)

With the gaming industry flourishing because of it's acceptance by every age group Qualian has customized solutions for every iPhone and PSP games aficionado. iPhone games are in vogue and the demand is always on the increase. Puzzle, Arcade and Action are some of the happening sections of the iPhone games. The advancement in the Rapid iPhone game development in India began after the dawn of the Apple App store. With this, the gaming industry saw an emergence of digitalization and high-end technicalities and is still going through many new development and changes. The Next Gen world is all flabbergasted with the iPhone games and PSP. Everyone wants to have the latest models.

Qualian strives to attract these gamers with high-definition products that are well-thought creation and unique designs formulated with electrifying graphics and many such features. Our developers are all set to design some of the most distinctive and amazing games.

iPhone 3G/3GS

Games, a world of high definition graphics, exciting displays and sounds that creates a 3d picture for you. iPhone 3G/3GS are about to make history with their offerings such as allowing users to play with each other within close propinquity minus the 3G network. iPhone games development at Qualian is an Ultimate Next Gen approach.

Rightly called as smart phones, the iPhone 3G/3GS have loads to offer. Qualian identifies with this technology and has created several games. All thanks to our experts who regularly indulge in the modernization of the games with the help of the Research and Development team. The iPhone game modernization spells success because of the team’s proficiency in diverse equipments and technologies, language and programming solutions.

Qualian experts can work on an already existing application or take up the challenge of developing a fresh application from the scratch. We have an ideal combination of expertise that can work meticulously based on your choice of application design.

A few application areas that Qualian can help you customize are
  • Games
  • News
  • Entertainment
  • Productivity
  • Social networking
  • Search tools
  • Sports
  • Travel
  • Weather
  • Utilities